Maternity and Newborn

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Pregnancy and parenthood are truly precious moments of life!  Bellies and babes are beautiful things that need to be captured and remembered for the gift they are.  Possible sessions include maternity, traditional newborn, and bright eyed pictures.

Session Fee: $100 each, $175 when you book any two, or $250 when you book all three! Taxes included.

Fee Includes:    

  • Pre-session meeting either in person or on the phone to discuss your session.
  • 1-2 Hour Photo Session for Maternity and 1-4 Hour Photo Session for Newborn
  • CD of the high-resolution best images (approx. 40-60) from the session which have been professionally retouched, and will be ready within 2 weeks of your session.

Contact me for information on doing a full pregnancy photo story!

Maternity Tips – Don’t be shy about the belly!  You are radiant and I want to capture all of it for you.  Maternity photos are best taken around 36 weeks, but can be done as early as you wish or as late as your due date.

Clothing is an important consideration.  Tight, stretchy clothing that shows off your belly is best, as are solid colours.  Busy and bold prints can be distracting and take away from the roundness of your gorgeous belly. Depending on the type of photos you may want to have a few different outfits.  Common clothing options are a bra and panty set, yoga pants and a tank top, and/or a loose button down shirt.  (If your partner has one you can borrow, great!)  An important thing to note is to start out in your loosest outfit and not to wear jeans the day of your shoot as pants, even if they don’t feel overly tight, can leave lasting imprints on your skin that you don’t want in the pictures.  For people who are joining you in the pictures, such as your partner or other children, coordinating colours look the sharpest.  You don’t all have to match; choose different shades or choose a second complimentary colour.

Also feel free to bring along any special baby items you want to be photographed with such as a onesie or booties.

Newborn Tips – It’s hard to believe but your precious angel will only stay teeny tiny for a short period of time.  There are two types of newborn shots.  Pick one, or why not do both?!  Traditional newborn pictures are best taken within the first 14 days when babies often sleep most deeply making them much more posable.   Bright eyed pictures are often taken between 4-6 weeks of age when babies are still small but are now awake with wide eyes and are now able to hold their heads up!

Typically sessions last  1-2 hours but I will schedule up to 4 hours for traditional newborn photo sessions.  I like to allow a lot of time because I don’t want our photo session to feel rushed or to put stress on new parents.  You and your baby will control the pace of our shoot.  If we need to stop for feeding or cuddle time it is completely natural.   Sure all parents hope their baby will be the picture of cooperation but even small babies have a mind of their own. Fussy faces can make for great pictures too!

Know your baby’s schedule: when do they usually eat; when are their longest sleeps?  No one knows your baby like you do.  Often babies sleep deepest after a good feeding so I often try to schedule my shoots to begin immediately after feeding time, or to even include feeding time.  Another great moment!  Again it is important to keep clothing loose the day of the shoot and to loosen their diaper at least 30 minutes before the shoot is scheduled to avoid lasting imprints on your baby’s skin.  Also, babies often sleep better when they are warm.  Having a space heater on or turning up the thermostat may go a long way to keeping babies happy; as an added bonus, space heaters provide white noise to block out the sound of shutter clicks.

Typically traditional newborn photo session props are kept to a minimum as I want the focus to be solely on your angel and not all the stuff around them.  Some examples of high impact accessories that are not distracting are headbands, baby blankets, tutus, and tiaras.  For bright eyed photos hats, first shoes, favourite toys, stuffed animals, or special heirlooms or gifts make great accessories.

Referrals – Refer your friends and family, and if they book a session, you will receive $25 off of your next session!  No limit on how many referral credits you may receive! Referral credits have no cash value.

Gift Certificates – Photo sessions make great gifts and produce lasting memories!  Gift Certificates are available for purchase.